Gestalt Counselling and Psychotherapy

What does a Gestalt counselling session offer

  • A safe and confidential setting where you will be heard and able to discuss, explore, and understand your feelings and thoughts.

  • A therapeutic relationship drawing on your joint humanity, experience and understanding. A Gestalt Counsellor relates to you with integrity and respect in a non-judgemental way.

  • Support and constructive challenge which assists you to explore difficult feelings and thoughts and discover new perspectives.

  • Enhanced awareness helping you to recognise and accept more aspects of yourself and how you relate to other people and situations.

  • Increased self-responsibility so that you understand more fully how you are the author of your life and how you can empower yourself to move forward.

  • A creative approach enabling you to find your inner resources, discover new ways of being, make positive changes and enrich your life.

    Gestalt counselling offers support in many areas including…………

    relationship difficulties + communication + survivors of abuse + gender issues +
    self-awareness + bereavement + isolation + depression + phobias + employment + obsessional behaviour + self-harm + alcohol misuse + concern about future + personal development + life changes + ill-health + sexuality + stress + anxiety + redundancy + anger + self-esteem + eating disorders + personal development + trauma


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