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Do you wake up in the morning feeling life isn’t what you expected or hoped for?

Helping people feel more comfortable in their own skin is what I do. I help ambitious leaders identify how and where they are interrupting their own capacity to be themselves both at work and home.

My professional qualifications are deeply rooted in psychotherapy, and I am also a trained coach and a businesswoman. My approach is relational because we experience ourselves in relationship with others. And the relationship created between my clients and I, enables them to experiment with different ways of being in the World.

Clients come to me for many and varied reasons. Some might be unclear what it is, let alone what to do about it. Others feel they know what they want but don’t know how to do it by themselves. What’s true for all is that at a very deep level, they know something’s just not right.

I understand you may be nervous of seeking help, perhaps fearful you’re going to discover something unpleasant about yourself, or that the fear of change makes the first step almost impossible to take. I will therefore create a safe and confidential space for us to open previously locked doors, letting the light in so we can see things for what they really are.

It’s amazing how we can twist ourselves out of shape and tie ourselves up in knots, trying to fit in. My wish for you is that you leave having become more of who you really are, without the elements you no longer want. And when you’ve become more of who you really are, by definition your skin will fit better.

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